Youth Participation

The competitive nature of traditional sport and the growing pressure to perform and try out for limited spaces within a team is a factor contributing to the decline of youth within sport. 


The Regional Sports program 2018-21 is a part of the VicHealth Physical Activity Strategy 2018-23 that aims to engage less active Victorians in rural and regional areas in sport and active recreation. The Regional Sports Program has a particular focus on engaging women, girls and youth (12-17) as it is statistically proven that they experience the greatest barriers to participation potentially leading to inactive and sedentary lifestyles.


Due to this, the Regional Sports Program aims to increase activity levels within this cohort. Sports Focus are committed to collaborating with youth, sporting clubs, schools, state and national sporting associations, local government and other service providers to address the barriers faced within sport and active recreation and therefore increase physical activity levels amongst this cohort.  

youth participation
youth participation

If your Club or organisation is interested in increasing youth participation and would like some assistance CLICK HERE to contact Sports Focus.