Female Participation

Sports Focus are committed to addressing the concerns around the participation of women in sport and active recreation in the Loddon Campaspe region. 

We want to support opportunities to make real, sustainable change to the cultural conditions that currently leave women under-represented at all levels of sport. 

Community sporting clubs are positive places where people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all genders come together. Therefore, it is important to ensure these environments and the culture of clubs is one in which everyone feels respected and supported. 

The thriving clubs in our community are those clubs that understand and value diversity and embrace what diversity has to offer. In doing so, they are also the ones that take proactive steps to ensure their club environment promotes fairness and equity.

Sports Focus can offer support to clubs including: advice around marketing and promotion to females; program planning to attract women and girls, development of female participation and/or gender equality plans, training to encourage welcoming and respectful club environments.

Clubs interested in making environments more safe, welcoming and inclusive for women and girls are encouraged to contact Sports Focus.

Please see below a video from She’s Game which provides a great insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by women and girls in sport and active recreation – it is messages like this which motivate us to further encourage increased female participation and inclusion within sporting clubs across the Loddon Campaspe region. 


VicHealth through working with global leaders in gender equality, have developed their Quick Wins  for Sporting Clubs Checklist; intended as a short and sharp list of ten most powerful, simple and often zero-cost ideas that a grass-roots sporting club can implement easily.

Covering areas such as encouraging participation, showcasing women and girls and providing leadership and equal opportunity, the statements include ideas that have been shown to help change norms, attitudes and practices in clubs.

While many of the actions sound simple, they are proven to make a difference in shaping role models and busting stereotypes. They can have a real impact on making a club a welcoming environment for all.

Over the next 2 years, Sports Focus are implementing the checklist with sporting clubs and asking them to identify two actions that they want to commit to in an endeavour to increase female participation.

If your Club would like further information or assistance in completing the checklist please CLICK HERE to contact Sports Focus.

Miss Me-time LogoThe ‘Miss Me-time’ initiative supports women in Bendigo to take part in fun, affordable and welcoming physical activity options. Miss Me-time also promotes existing and local opportunities which further builds awareness of the varying options which are readily available.

Miss Me-time is a play on the words “do you miss your me-time?” as women often put their families, children, work or other commitments before their own. Miss Me-time aims to increase the physical activity levels of women in Bendigo by addressing the barriers to participation in sport and active recreation.

For many women it can be very daunting to try a new sport, or participate at a new club. Miss Me-time works towards addressing these barriers by ensuring the sessions are both welcoming and supportive. To create a supportive and welcoming environment sessions are fun, social, and modified to cater for varying levels of fitness and ability. Most Miss Me-time sessions are also provided in a child friendly environment.

Miss Me-time facilitates and promotes sustainable pathways into sport and active recreation to support continued participation.

If you would like to get involved in Miss Me-time activities or your Club or organisation might be able to offer an activity you can visit the Miss Me-time Facebook page or CLICK HERE to contact Sports Focus.