Meetings aren’t a thing of the past… they just look different

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the way most businesses conduct meetings. It has forced most of us to embrace technology and gain a higher understanding of meeting platforms such as; Microsoft Teams, Zoom Communications and Webex to name just a few. These platforms have enabled the business world to continue to connect employees, whilst they worked remotely from their homes and now it’s time for the community sport sector to cash in on the benefits.

Committee meetings held in the middle of winter, in cold clubrooms, for endless hours should be a thing of the past. Technology can now allow club committees to fulfil their meeting responsibilities without leaving the comfort of their home. This small, but significant change could; 

  • provide a larger ‘pool’ of candidates to join the committee 
  • improve the diversity and inclusiveness of the committee 
  • encourage existing members of the committee to stay longer (but not too long) 
  • streamline governance practices, as meetings tend to be shorter when conducted online 
  • improve productivity as decisions are made quicker 

 These are just some of the benefits that your club could realise with this small change. If you would like to find out more, then contact our team at Sports Focus on 5442 3101 or by email at; and we would be happy to assist you.