COVID-19: Keeping Your Club Connected

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a number of clubs introducing some unique and very creative ways to stay connected. There are several simple ways to stay connected with your members during this time of uncertainty and isolation, these include:

  • Keeping your Club’s Facebook pages up to date and current will let your members know you are still active and can be called upon for information and support.
  • Holding online meetings, through skype, GOTO meetings, or Zoom.
  • Provide players with training sessions to do at home and offer equipment loans, this could be done through a registration list coordinated by members online.
  • Reaching out to members and offering any left-over cleaning products or toilet paper the club may have, and any non-perishable food and drinks.
  • Look at hosting unique and creative online events such as a “retro round” where you show a game from the past and members from today provide commentary. This could be something streamed live through Facebook.
  • Weekly team challenges via an online platform where members are asked to complete a task and share it to your online community.
  • Organise a group video chat on what would normally be a training or practice night.
  • Share player profiles through your email chains, newsletters, social media platforms or deliver a podcast on how your player members are keeping fit and active.  

There are many more examples and we are seeing large numbers of them through the magic of social media. But if your club hasn’t started connecting, our recommendation is to start by engaging with your members as much as possible through the likes of social media with posting and sharing as much as you can. This will provide a supportive and connected environment for your members. For those members who are not on social media, contact them and find out how your club can best stay connected with them.