COVIDSafe Settings

Your club needs to ensure that you are being COVID-compliant and doing everything possible to ensure the safety of your members.

Please see below for the current Sector Guidance for Sport, Exercise and Physical Recreation. For a complete overview of sport’s COVIDSafe Settings, please



Note: this page was updated 7/03/2022

Community sport

Indoor and outdoor community sports permitted for training and competition purposes.

If the space is being operated only for the purpose of community sport, participants, spectators and workers (including volunteers), are excluded from the vaccination requirement.

If workers undertake work not related to community sport at the facility (for example a café operator at a community sport facility), then they must be fully vaccinated if they are aged 12 years and two months or older. Patrons aged 18 years and older at the facility for non-community sport reasons must also be fully vaccinated.

Food and Drink

Cafés or similar settings within the venue must operate according to the restrictions for food and drink facilities.

COVIDSafe Settings for food and drink facilities Shops within the venue must operate according to the restrictions for retail.

Face Masks

You are no longer required to wear a face masks in most indoor settings, but wearing a mask remains recommended. You must always carry your mask when leaving home.

QR Codes

Sporting Clubs must keep records to show compliance with the COVIDSafe Settings.

You must use the Victorian Government QR Code Service to check-in volunteers, players, spectators, etc.

Clubs must display QR Code posters at each public entrance to the premises (both indoor and outdoor) and at points of sale (in a retail or food and drink premises).

Clubs are responsible for ensuring all volunteers, players and visitors always check-in.



PDF Entry Poster: Check in first thing


PDF Entry Poster: Please sign in on entry


PDF Contact Tracing Record – template

COVIDSafe Plan Template

It is mandatory for every Victorian business – including sporting clubs – to have a COVIDSafe Plan. You must have a current, updated COVIDSafe Plan to continue to operate.

PDF Template: COVIDSafe Plan

Posters for your Sports Facility

A range of signs, posters and templates for your workplace are available, in various languages, to support COVIDSafe workplaces.

Posters for your Entrance & Exit


PDF Entry Poster: Safety Requirements in place

 Posters for your Bathroom / Toilets / Changerooms


PDF Poster: Safety Requirements in place


PDF Poster: Please keep your hands clean