COVID-19 Club Resources

Your club needs to ensure that you are being COVID-compliant and doing everything possible to ensure the safety of your members.

We have helped to identify the resources that might be relevant to your sporting club environment 

Please see the resources below and download any/all that are relevant to your club.

Current Restrictions

It is important that you stay informed of the current restrictions for community sport. 

CLICK HERE to visit the Coronavirus website

COVIDSafe Plan Template

It is mandatory for every Victorian business – including sporting clubs – to have a COVIDSafe Plan. You must have a current, updated COVIDSafe Plan to continue to operate.
CLICK HERE to see our COVIDSafe Sport page

PDF Template: COVIDSafe Plan

Posters for your Sports Facility

PDF Entry Poster: Safety Requirements in place


PDF Poster: Keeping your distance keeps us playing

Record Keeping & Contact Tracing


Victorian Government QR Code Service

All venues and businesses required to undertake electronic record keeping must use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service. Clubs are responsible for ensuring all volunteers, players and visitors always check-in.

PDF Entry Poster: Check in first thing


PDF Entry Poster: Please sign in on entry


PDF Contact Tracing Record – template


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Posters for your Entrance & Exit


PDF Entry Poster: Safety Requirements in place

Face Mask Reminders


PDF Poster: Please keep a face mask handy at all times

 Posters for your Bathroom / Toilets / Changerooms


PDF Poster: Safety Requirements in place


PDF Poster: Please keep your hands clean