Club Resources – Helping you return safely

There is a lot of information being presented to clubs around their responsibilities if deciding to return to play. To assist in simplifying the messaging, Sports Focus has created a series of infographic posters which aim to help clubs gain a further understanding and communicate messages of safety and hygiene protocols. 

The below graphic is for club administrators, highlighting the areas of hygiene and safety that need to be considered whilst planning a return to play. Note that these considerations should also be in conjunction with guidance from your State Sporting Association. 

COVID-19: Hygiene, Sport & Club Administration

Secondly, we have created messaging to assist clubs in communicating to individuals (players, members and volunteers) around their personal responsibilities when attending activity at the club. Communication of hygiene practices is essential to ensure a safe environment and return to sport. These posters can be printed and displayed as signage around the club or could be used on your online platforms such as websites, Facebook and Instagram. 

COVID-19: Hygiene, Sport & You Poster

Download PDF 

The poster is also available as a PNG, including the individual images as below to use on your various communication platforms.


Download PNG Files