Be COVIDSafe… Check-in!

The current COVID-19 outbreak is a timely reminder to ensure all players, volunteers and spectators are checking-in to your club’s facilities. Let’s admit it… some of us have been a little bit complacent around COVID protocols, especially record keeping. We didn’t think it would happen to a club so close to home… but we’ve already seen one regional sporting club become an exposure site – let’s ensure we’re doing all we can to minimise the ripple effect of COVID-19.

QR Codes & Checking In

Victorian Government QR Code Service

From 28 May 2021, businesses, venues and facilities with electronic record keeping requirements must use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service.
If you are using a previously approved third-party QR code app, you will need to switch to the free Victorian Government QR Code Service.

For more information, please CLICK HERE

Not everyone in our club has access to a smartphone, or phone reception…

As Regional Victorians, we know that not all sporting clubs have the luxury of phone reception. If this is true of your club, you need to ensure you are still getting people to sign in by providing a paper-based sign in option. This is also the case for members who do not own a smartphone. 

“Venues must make reasonable efforts to provide a smartphone or other device, or use an alternative record keeping system (such as pen and paper) for people who do not have access to, or cannot use the QR Code Service to check in.” –

You can find a template for hardcopy record keeping CLICKING HERE

How can our club try to ensure everyone is checking in?

Below are some suggestions around how you can ensure everyone is checking in:

  • Ensure your gate keepers have printed, laminated copies of the QR Code. As spectators drive in, collect their entrance fees as normal, and hold up the QR code for them to scan in.
  • Place QR Codes up around ‘high-traffic’ areas of your facility such as canteens, toilets, dining areas, etc.
  • Have your QR Code on every entrance, gate, and around fences and walls.
  • If your club is making announcements throughout the day, remind everyone to check in and point out where they can find the QR Code.
  • Get coaches to ensure players have signed in prior to playing. Provide your coaches with copies of the QR Code.
  • Remind everyone on your social media that checking in when they arrive is important in ensuring your club is compliant.
  • Look at your venue and where spectators congregate the most. Ensure QR Codes are front and centre in these areas.

What else can our club be doing to ensure we’re being compliant?

Your club needs to ensure that you are being COVID-compliant and doing everything possible to ensure the safety of your members.

  • Revisit your COVIDSafe Plan – is it still current?
  • Check current Victorian COVID-19 Restrictions – what is relevant to your club?
  • Check in with your State Sporting Association or governing body – do they require your club to do anything sport-specific?

Download COVID-19 Resources – Sports Focus have collated some Victorian COVID-19 Resources which might be beneficial for your club, CLICK HERE to view them.