Our People


Shelley Mulqueen – Program Manager

Stuart Craig – Business Manager

Lauren Fawcett – Project Coordinator

Laura Bradley – Project Coordinator

Tamarra Ferguson – Project Coordinator

Lauren Barone – Project Coordinator

Jasmine Noske – Project Coordinator

Jenna Duffy – Project Coordinator

Zita Waldron-Brown – Administrative Assistant

Board of Management

Sports Focus is an incorporated not for profit association that is governed by a Board of Management.

Members of the Board are either elected by the organisation’s members or appointed by the board of directors, due to either the skills they possess or the influence they can yield that will drive the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives.

The Sports Focus Board of Management consists of dedicated community-minded people who want to improve the health and wellbeing of ALL through their participation in sport.

If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, please do not hesitate to contact our Business Manager, Stuart Craig, at the Sports Focus office on 5442 3101 or by email to: admin@sportsfocus.com.au

Sports Focus is committed to board diversity and encourages women and community members from minority or marginalised groups, who are passionate about participation in physical activity, to consider any board opportunities that arise.



As Principal of a local primary school, Matt brings to the Sports Focus Board strong leadership and a wealth of knowledge in the area of governance. Matthew is also a highly credentialed coach in the sport of Kayaking, having been long involved in the sport and a founding member of the Goldfields Paddlers club . Matt has a special affinity with grassroots sport.

Head Space Coordinator for the Maryborough and Castlemaine areas, Martin is a prominent and highly respected person within the sport sector and the broader community, having participated in football, cricket and triathlon within the local area and being heavily involved in community projects such as; RACV Energy Breakthrough.

Financial Controller at a local business with a Degree in Accounting, Sandra loves her football and cricket and is avid supporter of community sport. Sandra has extensive experience in financial management in both the private and public sector.

Facilities Coordinator with the City of Greater Bendigo (CoGB). Amy has considerable experience in local government having been previously employed as a Recreation Officer with Mount Alexander Shire Council. Amy is keen to strengthen the partnership between CoGB and Sports Focus, as well as further develop her understanding of good governance.

Kathie, a long-time resident of Harcourt, has enjoyed a long involvement in sport within the Mount Alexander Shire, particularly in the sports of; netball, basketball, sailing and football. Kathie’s knowledge of local sport has developed through holding a range of club roles such as; Coach, Treasurer, and Vice President, and more recently as the President of Harcourt Football Netball Club. As a result of this experience Kathie understands the value and importance of developing welcoming, safe and family-friendly sporting environments.

David is a highly experienced and well regarded health practitioner having previously held the position of CEO at Central Victorian Health Alliance. David, who currently lectures in Paramedicine at La Trobe Rural Health School at La Trobe University, Bendigo, brings a high level of expertise in the health promotion field, along with considerable knowledge in program/project evaluation.

Kylie joins the Sports Focus board in 2018 having experienced governance at both a club and association level in the sport of hockey. Kylie was the recipient of the Sports Focus ‘Administrator of the Year’ award in 2015 and sees this opportunity of joining the Sports Focus board as a way of further developing her understanding of good governance.

Dr Emma Zadow is an academic in Exercise Science within the La Trobe Rural Health School at La Trobe University, with a background in Exercise Science, Physiology and Haematology. Emma loves her sport and relishes any opportunities to work with community, state and elite level sports, and has worked extensively within a variety of sports settings. Emma brings a passion for sport and a keen desire to learn and grow through this role with Sports Focus.