A shout out to our volunteers!

Sports Focus wish to acknowledge and express our admiration to all of the volunteer club administrators who are out there making the tough decisions in the best interests of the health and safety of their participants, their members, their volunteers and the broader community.

We know that this is not an easy time – having taken on demands much greater than anticipated, and the “goal-posts” keep changing.

We acknowledge that the decisions being made by some of our local Club/Association/League administrators have been met with some frustration by participants and members who just want to get back to playing the sport they love for all the wonderful benefits it provides, but we all need to understand and appreciate that these decisions are being made in the best interests of everyone whether we agree with them or not.

We encourage everyone involved in our wonderful community sporting clubs to get behind the people who have the unenviable task in ensuring you can continue to safely play the sport you love now and into the future. They need your support, your respect and your help.