You can’t be, what you can’t see – Women need role models

All sports and community clubs are keen to win their share of the market with the apparent rise in female sport participation.  But unfortunately it’s not always as simple as ‘open the doors and they will come’!

Most people are not trailblazers.  They need role models.  They need to see other people like them, succeeding at the types of things they want to do before they will give it a go.  If your club doesn’t have women and girls represented, visible and vocal in all aspects of your club it is difficult for others to see where they too can fit.

Furthermore, traditionally in sporting clubs where females are represented, the roles they play are often gender stereotyped.  We need women and girls to see that they can be President… rather than always being the Secretary.  That they see they can be the Coach… rather than always being in the canteen.  That they see that they deserve to play on the main ground… not be relegated to the only other available option.

Can women and girls see themselves at your club?

If your Club would like some assistance to address gender equality and create an environment that encourages women and girls to participate in a range of different ways contact Sports Focus.

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