VicHealth Active Club Grants

In an effort to get more women and girls playing sport and increase social sport opportunities, funding of up to $3,000 or up to $10,000 is available for community sporting clubs to help Victorians improve their physical health and mental wellbeing.

The grant application process has been simplified.  This year the Active Club Grants will focus on two outcome areas:

Outcome area 1: Female participation:

  • VicHealth funding is available to support clubs to implement initiatives that will engage more women and girls in sport, including establishing new teams, programs or competitions specifically for women and girls.

Outcome area 2: Participation in social and modified forms of sport:

  • Many Victorians are looking for sport opportunities that fit within their lifestyle. Funding is available for clubs to establish a social or modified sport program for less active Victorians.  Social sport programs are more flexible, fun and less structured opportunities with a focus on social interaction.  They put less emphasis on performance, results and competition. Sporting programs can be modified to increase opportunities across age, disability, skill level, fitness level, lifestyle, cultural background or location.

Status: Closed

Amount: Tier 1: up to $3,000; tier 2: up to $10,000

Round 1 2019-2020 winners: Click here

Clubs should apply for the Active Club Grants funding through the VicHealth website. For further information and to apply visit

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