Top Spin – is booze advertising sneaking into the things you love?

The alcohol industry deliberately targets young people who are drinking the most – Top Spin is about turning the tables and giving young Victorians the opportunity to have your say. Whether it’s text, image or a short video, we want you to call out the sneaky tactics used by the alcohol industry. Your entries not only give you a chance to win some great prizes, but also feeds into a broader conversation helping others learn about the sneaky tactics used. So, join young people across the state and let’s stop the alcohol industry’s spin with a message they can’t ignore! ” – Top Spin Victoria*

The Facts:

  • The alcohol industry spends big on advertising and sponsorship in and around sport. In fact, there were 118 alcohol ads played during the 2018 AFL grand final!
  • Young people are the alcohol industry’s primary targets – focusing on big events (like 18th and 21st) so they can recruit them to their brand.
  • The alcohol industry uses gimmicks, cuddly characters and mascots (like Bundy Bear and Captain Morgan) to mask the harm their products can do.

How it Works:

Step One: Pick a Tactic
Choose a sneaky tactic used by alcohol companies to get us to drink.

Step Two: Create your Entry
Your entry can be text, image or video.

Step Three: Submit!  
Submit your entry, share on your socials and join in on the conversation.

Opens: 9th of April 2019

Closes: 12th May 2019

Each week, you could win $1,000!

For more information, please visit the Top Spin website!

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