Things to consider…

Whilst acknowledging that having a social media presence can be an incredibly valuable strategy to promote your club and build connection with your local community, like anything, there are some potential issues that will require your consideration.

The use of ‘Closed Groups’ is one that comes to mind when using Facebook. A ‘Closed Group’ only allows those who have been granted access or membership an opportunity to view the content on the page. This might serve the club well when communicating to the group, but it does little to promote your club and its activities in the public arena, due to its exclusivity. This can have a detrimental impact on member and sponsor recruitment.

Conversely, ‘Shared’ content on a public Facebook page can be accessed by anyone on the internet. Sure, you need to have the appropriate policies and guidelines in place and be prepared to cop your ‘whack’ from the ‘Keyboard Warriors’ if you get it wrong, but the medium is called ‘Social Media’ for a reason…to be social. Have the confidence that your club’s culture is strong and positive and as a consequence like-minded individuals and/or organisations will be willing to ‘Follow’ you, share your content and celebrate your achievements. They end up doing your club’s marketing for you and that’s the best form of advertising!

Finally, if you are seeking some direction on where to start with a social media policy, the Play by the Rules website contains a social media template which is a handy tool for creating a social media policy. It covers not only content posted by the group’s admin, but also content members post, including posts made within both ‘Closed Groups’ and ‘Public’ that relate back to the club. And if that isn’t enough, then you can always contact us at Sports Focus. We would be happy to assist you wherever we can.

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