Strategies to offset the cost of sport

‘There is more than one way to skin a cat’ this old saying aptly applies to sporting clubs that use an increase in membership fees as a means to cover the increasing costs of equipment, uniforms and facility maintenance. Thankfully, there are other options your club can consider to cover these costs. These include holding an equipment and uniform drive, applying for funding grants, and seeking sponsorship funding from commercial businesses.

Equipment and Uniform Drive

Dependent upon the sport you choose, the cost of equipment and uniforms can be a significant barrier to participation. Holding an equipment and/or uniform drive at your club is a great way for all club members to support those who would otherwise be unable to participate due to the financial burden incurred through the cost of uniforms and equipment. Members can donate any equipment and/or uniforms that are still in good condition, but are no longer required, for a range of reasons. Leading up to the commencement of the season is a great time for your club to organise an equipment and/or uniform drive, so that all members are prepared for the season ahead.

A fantastic example of this is the ‘Boot Drive’ initiative currently being undertaken by VCAL EAL students at Bendigo Senior Secondary College and members of the Greater Bendigo Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Plan Action Group. The ‘Boot Drive’ initiative supports multicultural new arrivals to participate in sport by seeking donations of pre-loved football and soccer boots from the local community. Donation bins are positioned at various locations around the city, so the boots can be left before being distributed to their new owners.

To find out more about how to donate to the ‘Boot Drive’, please click here.


Funding grants are a valuable source of fundraising for your club that can be used to offset the cost of participation for existing or prospective members. Funding grants are available from numerous organisations on a cyclical basis and the funds can be used for a wide range of different purposes, depending on the needs of your club. However, funding grants do, in most cases, come with very strict guidelines on how the funds can be used. These guidelines need to be strictly adhered to, so it’s important you read and understand the funding grant guidelines and only apply for grants that suit its stated purpose. Funding grants are a great way to purchase team uniforms and essential equipment. These can then be returned by members back to the club at the end of each season, to be redistributed the following season, thus allowing more members to gain from the generosity of the grant provider.

For more information on what funding grants are currently open, please click here.


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