Starting your Club on the Gender Equality journey

Creating an inclusive and respectful culture on and off the playing field will help increase the participation and satisfaction of club members. Taking on some of these actions will not only work towards achieving gender equality for your club, but ultimately create a club culture and environment that is respectful, safe and welcoming of women.

Undertake an Audit: Understanding the current club environment is the first place to start in trying to improve your club culture. Take the time to look at every aspect of your Club environment, from governance, facilities, volunteer roles, participation opportunities, promotion and member welfare.

Survey club members: One of the best things you can do is talk to the women in your club and listen to them. They understand the challenges and opportunities specific to your club better than anyone else. Start by conducting a survey of all of the women connected to your club; find out what they like, what they don’t, and what they’d like to see improved.

Host a bystander training/education session: Help members to understand their role in changing club culture. Bystander training helps individuals understand gender equality and the link to violence, and equips club members to ‘stand up’ when they see or hear sexist language, sex discrimination or sexual harassment taking place.

Promotion of your Club: Review your club’s promotional materials – website, Facebook page, flyers etc. Do the images and language reflect the broad range of your membership? Does it promote an environment that celebrates and welcomes women.

Host an awareness raising event: It is important that promotion of gender equality is incorporated into sporting club cultures, but it is also just as important to demonstrate to the community that your club holds a zero tolerance approach to violence against women. This can be done through events on training nights, game day events or social media promotion. Hosting a White Ribbon Round is a fun and easy way to show your club’s support. The biggest impact of a White Ribbon Round is that the event supports men and women to start positive conversations, in relation to preventing violence against women.

Consider The Rural Challenge: “Sport and the CFA have integral roles in Australian culture, particularly in rural and regional areas. These organisations can bring people together through a sense of pride, common purpose, commitment and community spirit.

Clubs and brigades can play a key role in shaping positive community attitudes and behaviour. Clubs and brigades can create a respectful and inclusive culture and, by doing so, help increase the participation and satisfaction of members at their organisation.

Gender equality benefits both men and women and has a wide range of positive outcomes, including preventing violence against women.

Clubs and brigades that participate in the Rural Challenge Gender Equality Leadership Program are supported to make positive changes in their organisation.” – The Rural Challenge

For support to start your Club on the journey to gender equality contact Sports Focus on 5442 3101 or email

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