Reducing the Risk of your Club Functions

Holding a social event in your clubrooms is very common for sporting clubs who hold liquor licences. By holding your own function, your committee can ensure appropriate measures are in place to protect your club members from alcohol-related harm.

To minimise risk, your club can:

  • Keep alcohol within your facility’s Red Line Plan
  • Be vigilant and do not allow BYO alcohol – you can’t control it, and your club isn’t getting the revenue from it!
  • Check ID at the door
  • Organise safe transport measures, such as a bus or designated drivers
  • Encourage people to be designated drivers by providing them with free soft-drinks or bar snacks
  • Cap an open bar to a maximum of two (2) hours instead of having an open bar all night
  • Put a limit on how many drinks someone can take away at one time
  • Provide substantial food at regular intervals
  • Provide free drinking water and have it readily available at all times
  • Discontinue including alcohol in the ticket price of the event – if your members are paying for five drinks in the ticket price, they are going to drink what they’ve paid for, without thinking twice about it!

Remember your Good Sports obligations…

If your club is a Good Sports club, you have agreed to uphold the Good Sport values. Remember this when you’re planning your events!

Any questions or concerns? Contact us and we can help you out, or point you in the right direction.

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