Quick Wins – checklist for sporting clubs

“We know the vast majority of Victorians think it’s important that sporting clubs provide an environment that makes women and girls feel welcome, and provides leadership opportunities for women and girls.”

Women’s participation in sport is increasing around Victoria, particularly in sports such as AFL and cricket. VicHealth is just one organisation which is paving the way to gender inclusive clubs. One way that VicHealth is helping clubs is through the VicHealth Women and Girls in Sport Quick Wins for Gender Equality in Sports Checklist (The Quick Wins Checklist).

The Quick Wins Checklist was developed as a short and sharp list of the ten most powerful, simple and often zero-cost ideas that a grass-roots sporting club can implement easily. The Checklist has been developed to help highlight areas in which sporting clubs can make some positive changes to support a more welcoming and inclusive environment for women and girls.

While many of the actions seem simple, they are proven to make a difference in shaping role models and busting stereotypes. They can have a real impact on making a club a welcoming environment for all.

Sports Focus has been contacting Loddon Campaspe sporting clubs to complete the Quick Wins Checklist. If your club is looking at ways to offer women and girls the opportunity to play, or if your club is looking to provide new and inclusive opportunities for participation in your sport please contact Sports Focus for more information.

It is designed to be a starting point for you to consider providing small, but high-impact changes that could further improve your club’s environment and support increased participation by women and girls.

Benefits of creating inclusive opportunities for women and girls:

  • Increased membership
  • Attract families
  • Create a larger pool of volunteers
  • Build a positive club culture for all

If you would like to read more information regarding Quick Wins, please click here…

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