Regional Sport Program


VicHealth’s 3 year Regional Sport Program has two main focus areas – Physical Activity and Water. The Regional Sport Program supports growth in active participation through sport, while encouraging sporting clubs and their participants to select water as their beverage of choice. Sports Focus’ role is to support the development of innovative ideas that will achieve the program outcomes and improve the health and wellbeing of the Loddon Campaspe community.

The Regional Sport Program will achieve these outcome by:

  • Delivering innovative sport participation opportunities that addresses the needs of those who are inactive or somewhat active, to become more active through sport.
  • Strengthening policy and practices around the supply and accessibility of water and therefore making water the beverage of choice, instead of the sugar sweetened beverages [SSBs] currently available at sporting facilities and some clubs.

Physical Activity
Participation trends in sport and physical activity are shifting. The number of members at a sporting club declined significantly between 2003 – 2010, demonstrating the need to get people more or back involved in sport, having fun, and meeting people. Our approach is to encourage community members to engage in physical activity through organised club sport.

The over consumption of SSBs is an emerging issue whereby grassroots sporting clubs can play a major role in addressing this issue. Grassroots sporting clubs, leagues, and facilities can encourage healthy lifestyles through championing and supporting water as the beverage of choice.

To assist your club to promote water and to empower your club members to make water the beverage of choice there are a range of fact sheets, posters, and strategies below to assist your club.

Fact Sheets Posters Strategies


A look inside the Regional Sport Program
During the course of delivering the Regional Sport Program, Sports Focus will provide, as part of our communications strategy, regular insights into the work we are undertaking.

Sport Focus’ Miss Me-time concept – re-engaging women into sport

Sports Focus has developed a concept called ‘Miss Me-time’. Miss Me-time is a chance for all women to giggle, jiggle and wiggle together while being active. This concept focuses on re-engaging women into sport in a fun, social, casual, relaxed and non-competitive environment. Spots Focus has partnered with over 100 organisations and businesses at a local, state and national level to deliver the concept across our region. Miss Me-time has proven to be a success with many participants stating “something like this is much needed” and “what a fantastic way to try new things, meet other women and have fun all at once”. Watch the short video below for an in-depth explanation of Miss Me-time.