Regional Sport Program


VicHealth’s 3 year Regional Sport Program has two main focus areas – Women and Girls, and Youth (12-17 year olds). The Regional Sport Program supports growth in active participation through sport, while encouraging sporting clubs to be more inclusive of both women and girls, and youth. Sports Focus’ role is to support the development of innovative ideas that will achieve the program outcomes and improve the health and wellbeing of the Loddon Campaspe community.

Sports Focus aims to:

  • Support clubs to implement social or modified sport programs for young people (12-17) or women and girls (e.g. State Sporting Association programs)
  • Address gaps in participation pathways by supporting clubs to introduce new teams, programs or competitions for young people (12-17) or women and girls
  • Support clubs to use club facilities and venues as places for delivering active recreation opportunities (e.g. Yoga in Bowls Clubs)

Increasing Women’s Participation in Sport

Sport Focus’ Miss Me-time concept: re-engaging women into sport

Sports Focus has developed a concept called ‘Miss Me-time’. Miss Me-time is a chance for all women to giggle, jiggle and wiggle together while being active. This concept focuses on re-engaging women into sport in a fun, social, casual, relaxed and non-competitive environment. Spots Focus has partnered with over 100 organisations and businesses at a local, state and national level to deliver the concept across our region. Miss Me-time has proven to be a success with many participants stating “something like this is much needed” and “what a fantastic way to try new things, meet other women and have fun all at once”. 

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Sports Focus has signed on to be a This Girl Can supporter.

“This Girl Can – Victoria is here to celebrate and support Victorian women (yep, you!) embracing physical activity in a way that suits you. Whether it’s a little or a lot, what matters is getting some movement into your day.

While many of us know that exercising is important for our physical and mental health, that doesn’t change the fact that half of us aren’t getting enough exercise each week.

Why? Victorian women have told us that a big part of not trying new activities or getting involved in sport is a fear of being judged, or not being fit enough to start. Not to mention, twice as many women than men put off getting active because they’re worried about what other people think – how unfair is that? Sports, gyms and moving your body are for everybody (literally, every body).

So we’re banding together to put a red-hot stop to this.” – This Girl Can Victoria

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