Let Kids Be Kids

It’s finals time for winter sports and with that comes the expectation to perform and win. In the case of children’s sport, it’s a timely reminder to parents/guardians, coaches, officials and supporters to remember why children participate in sport…to have fun with their friends.

Let’s make sure the children in your care have the best time possible when playing sport. After all, it’s not winning that is important to a child, it’s the smile on their face that’s says it all.

The kids in the videos released have a powerful message – ‘let us enjoy our sport’ without too much pressure or abuse. We all want kids to succeed and enjoy their sport. Sometimes, sideline supporters and spectators can get carried away – whether it’s undue pressure being put on kids to win or even verbal abuse – what happens off the field or court can have a profound impact on kids participation in sport.

If your club is experiencing issues with behaviour towards children, there’s a toolkit that’s been developed which you can access here – playbytherules.net.au/let-kids-be-kids.

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