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New Sports Focus Rules

November 1 2018, News

At a Special General Meeting of Sports Focus members held on Monday 8 October 2018, the assembled members voted unanimously to adopt the presented draft set of Rules to govern Sports Focus into the future. Consumer Affairs Victoria have now approved and registered the Rules in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. A […]

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Engaging Millennials in Volunteering

May 15 2019, News

What is the benefit of volunteering to Millennials? Increasingly, Millennials (also known as Generation Y, born 1980-1995) are using volunteering as a way of developing both their hard and soft professional skills, in order to bridge the gap between education and employment opportunities. Volunteering is seen as highly advantageous to employers, especially in the case […]

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Life lessons thru sport

June 5 2018, News

There has been significant research into the life lessons learnt though being involved in club based sport. Skills such as; leadership, discipline, commitment, respect and team work are just a few that spring to mind. Each of these skills are learnt by the participants through their active involvement in the game of their choosing. However, […]

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Cultural Diversity in Sport

December 19 2018, News

In 2017, Australia was dubbed ‘the most ethnically diverse country in the world’, with over 25% of the total population born overseas, and nearly 50% of the population having a parent who was born overseas.  With Victorians hailing from over 200 countries around the world, speaking 260 languages and dialects,and following 135 different religious faiths, […]

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MS 24 Hour Mega Swim

May 30 2019, News

The MS 24 Hour Mega Swim is a fun team relay event where teams have a swimmer in the water for the entire 24 hours and compete for laps swum and money raised, in support for people living with multiple sclerosis. It is one of Australia’s most popular and fastest-growing fundraising events, bringing communities together. […]

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Fair Play Code

June 21 2018, News

The Victorian Government’s new Fair Play Code – a code of conduct for sport and recreation in Victoria, outlines the standards of behaviour expected for everyone involved in sport and recreation. The Fair Play Code sends a loud and clear message – that bad behaviour, violence, cheating and intimidation has no place in sport and recreation in our […]

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