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Doing things differently

August 5 2016, News

Read on to see how sport is being done differently in your region! Golf, but not as you know it! Belvoir Park Golf Club in conjunction with Golf Victoria are currently hosting Swing Fit. Swing Fit is a fun and social modified version of golf. The program aims to introduce and encourage females to play golf regardless of their […]

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Challenging the perceptions of sport

August 2 2016, News

People participate in sport for a number of reasons. As a sporting club, it is important you understand what factors assist participation in sport and what factors limit or prohibit it. Below are some of the perceived barriers to sport and how your club can address them. Welcoming and inclusive: The perception that sporting clubs are […]

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Concussion: If in doubt, sit them out

June 17 2016, News

You may be thinking “I know what concussion is and what the symptoms are”, but do you know how serious it can be and what you can do at a club level to effectively manage concussion? Concussion – what is it? Concussion is a brain injury that needs quick recognition for correct management and prevention of […]

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Volunteer Management

June 1 2016, News

    Consider for a moment how your club organises their volunteers. It can often be a tricky task. What if there was an easier way? Having a Volunteer Management Policy in place at your club may help you effectively manage volunteers while retaining them and attracting new ones. The Volunteer Management Policy outline what is […]

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A Club committed to making a difference

April 20 2016, News

We know that there are a lot of clubs out there who are doing some fantastic work to create a welcoming and supportive environment for their members. The South Bendigo Football Netball Club is just one example of a club who are committed to making a difference, and have recognised they have a role to […]

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Mental Health Services Directory

April 7 2016, News

Sports Focus has developed a Mental Health Services Directory to support sporting clubs in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for their members. This resource has been developed as a quick reference guide for someone who is seeking support/information/advice. Sports Focus encourages clubs to make copies of this resource available to your members, put a link […]

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