Healthy Fridge = Healthy People = Healthy Club

Water should always be the drink of choice before, during and after sport.  Whilst respecting individuals right to choice, research shows that by simply changing the layout of your canteen/kiosk fridge to put water in more prominent positions; encourages people to purchase water instead of sports drinks and soft drinks.

Be one of 10 clubs within the Loddon Campaspe region to take part in the new state-wide Healthy Fridges Regional Sport Program.

This unique program is a fantastic opportunity for your club to lead the way in promoting a healthy fridge for your members. Why not find out how your club can create a healthy environment for everyone!

The good news is that Sports Focus will come to your club with all the tools and resources and show you how.  For further information or to book a club visit contact Stephanie Mein on 5442 3101 or email

Why not be the best club you can be?

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