Healthy Choices – tips and hints for healthy sports clubs

In Victoria, 2.9 million people are overweight or obese, and have significantly low consumption rates of fruits and vegetables. With the risk of our children becoming critically overweight or obese, sporting clubs are well positioned to instil healthy eating practices into the next generation.
The Victorian Government has developed the Healthy Choices Guidelines to make it easier for sporting clubs to choose healthier food options. In order to avoid changing the entire menu, the guidelines focus on making small ‘tweaks’ in order to provide healthier options. The guidelines contain information on how to swap the fillings in your sandwiches, wraps, and rolls, as well as providing healthier alternatives to pre-packaged snacks and drinks.
The Healthy Choices Guidelines can provide your club with menu ideas, case studies, as well as free online training to help your club become healthier.

For more information please click here to visit the Healthy Choices website

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