Great example of new options for women’s participation

Barker’s Creek and Castlemaine United Cricket Clubs will come together in Castlemaine on October 12 for a women’s social round re-match.  Barker’s Creek Cricket Club hosted a well-attended social women’s match between the two clubs in March 2018.  The success of the day highlighted a strong demand for women’s cricket participation options in the region.  With the help of Sports Focus, Barker’s Creek Cricket Club developed a Gender Equity Action Plan in April 2018 to support ongoing participation of women in their club.  A key action from their plan has been working with VicHealth and Cricket Victoria to deliver a Social Sixes program for local women.

Women don’t always want to participate in the same way as men.  This is a great example of a sporting club exploring new and non-traditional participation options for women and taking steps to be fair and equal for all.

If you would like to discuss how your club may be able to support women’s participation, please contact Sports Focus Project Coordinator Jenna Duffy on 5442 3101 or email

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