Gender Equity in sport

Gender equity in sport isn’t just about providing participation opportunities for both males and females within your club… it’s about treating everyone fairly and providing opportunities for all, at all levels, from the committee through to the spectator.

If sporting clubs want to grow their participation and membership base, particularly by women and girls, it is important to ensure the environment and the clubs culture supports them to do so in a safe and inclusive way. There are many benefits to having more women in and around your club such as an increase in membership, more volunteers and more diverse skills, creating a family friendly environment…the list goes on.

So how do you start? The best thing you can do is talk to the women in your club and listen to them. They understand the challenges specific to your club better than anyone.

Below, you can find information and other resources which might help your club increase female participation, inclusion and safety.

Our Watch – Sports Engagement Program

Change Our Game

VicHealth – New tools for gender equality: the subtle choices driving profound change

AFL Female Football Club Guide

AFL Female Football Match Guide

VicHealth – ‘Stepping in’ toolkit

The Rural Challenge

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