Doing Cricket Differently

Sporting Clubs are all too aware of the challenge to attract new members, particularly when it comes to female participation.

Australian women are significantly less likely to play sport than men, with over a third of women dropping out of sporting clubs by the age of 15.

By the age of 25, only 15% of the female population will be playing sport within a club, compared to 28% of males of the same age. This gap is a trend which is reflected across the lifespan, with males recording significantly higher levels of sporting club participation than women at any age (AusPlay, 2017).

So how can Sporting Clubs engage more women? How can Clubs make it easier for women to participate and feel welcomed and safe?  Social and/or modified sports are an increasingly popular example of how a club can attract more women.

Through their participation in the Batting for Gender Equity program, Barkers Creek and Muckleford Cricket Clubs consulted with local women – why didn’t they want to play cricket? What stopped them from participating? What would help them to participate?

This led to the Castlemaine and District Cricket Association developing a women’s only modified competition.

The modified structure includes:

  • No training
  • Games only every 3 weeks
  • No commitment – just play when you can!
  • Child-friendly
  • Held on Friday nights – that was the most suitable time for participants
  • Use a modified softened ball
  • Shorter boundary distance of (30m) and the boundary to be marked with cones.
  • Subtract 3 runs per wicket taken
  • No score recorded for no balls and wides.

By adapting the sport to be less intimidating and time-consuming, while encouraging a social and casual environment (no uniforms, no purchase of equipment necessary!) – Women flocked to take part in the opportunity. Four (4) clubs within the Association now have a women’s team participating in the modified opportunity.  

The Castlemaine and District Cricket Association is a great example of how sport can be adapted to suit the needs of different people.  

Want to chat to us about how you can modify your sport to engage more women? Contact us now.

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