Cricket Associations Show Support for Violence Prevention

In an effort to promote their welcoming and safe sporting environment Emu Valley Cricket Association have taken a stand to preventing violence against women by hosting an annual ‘Violence Prevention’ round over an entire weekend in November.

All players within the Association showed their support towards the cause by wearing an orange ribbon on the day and taking an oath to prevent men’s violence against women.

The Association dedicated a ‘Showcase Game’ – West Bendigo and Mandurang Cricket Clubs – for the weekend where a presentation by Margret Singe, chairperson of Greater Bendigo Against Family Violence, was completed at the beginning of the game to present on the importance of the event and how we, as a community, can assist in the prevention of violence against women.

Congratulations to Emu Valley Cricket Association for taking a stand against violence. If you would like more information regarding the Violence Prevention Round, please contact us.

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