Creating Gender Equality – Your Club’s role in preventing violence against women

Violence against women is a serious, prevalent and preventable public health burden in Australia. From the age of 15, 1 in 5 women will experience sexual violence and 1 in 3 physical violence.

We all have role to play in the prevention of violence against women and promotion of an equal and respectful society for all.

There is a proven link between gender equality, building respectful relationships and preventing violence against women. Research has shown that factors associated with gender inequality are the most consistent predictors of violence against women.

Clubs, though not intentionally, quite often foster environments that create gender inequalities through the nature of the sport itself and the lack of participation opportunities; the facilities (or lack thereof); social activities conducted; lack of females in leadership roles; or the attitudes and behaviours that are accepted as part of standard club culture.

However, by promoting equality and removing the gendered practices, clubs can address the underlying drivers of violence against women and challenge the attitudes and cultures that support violence against women.

Find out more about starting your Club on the journey to Gender Equality.

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