Club Values

What are your club’s values?  What are the standards that your club won’t compromise on?  The first step to making sure your social media presence reflects the values at your club is getting clear on what your club stands for.

Written and visible club values are a powerful tool to communicate the positive culture at your club to the wider community and your members. This includes the members who are responsible for your club’s social media content.

Clubs should always be aware of how images and videos shared on social media reflects on your club.  A picture paints a thousand words, so the perception portrayed to potential new members, sponsors and funding bodies should be forever in the mind of those with responsibility for administering social media sites.

Is the content on your social media sites representative of your club and your local community with regards to gender, age, ability and the teams at your club?

What action is taken when inappropriate content or comments are shared online?

Failing to respond to inappropriate content or comments infers that a questionable behaviour is tolerated at your club. How the club responds matters and respond it must! Highlighting a positive club culture and where possible, diversity in your membership base through your social media presence, is an effective and easy way to reflect your club’s core values.

Always make sure your club values are promoted and visible to your members and your community through promotion via your club’s social media sites.

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