Working with Children Check – Changes you need to know about

From 1 August 2017 there are important changes to the Working with Children (WWC) Check. These changes are things your sporting club/organisation need to become familiar with.

The changes are due to an amendment to the Working with Children Act (2005). Below are the changes:

  • Expand the definition of ‘direct contact’ from the Act
    The definition of direct contact will now include oral, written or electronic communication as well as face-to-face and physical.
  • Remove ‘supervision’ from the Act
    The removal of references to ‘supervision’ from the Act will mean that even if a person’s contact with children as part of their child-related work is supervised by another person, they will still need to apply for a Check.
  • Require kinship carers to obtain a Check
    People caring for a child placed by Child Protection under the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 will be required to obtain a Check.
  • Consider non-conviction charges
    Non-conviction charges (charges that have been finally dealt with other than by a conviction or finding of guilt) for serious sexual, violent or drug offences will be able to be considered as part of Check assessments and re-assessments.
  • Compel information
    The Secretary to the Department of Justice and Regulation will now be able to compel the production of certain information for the purposes of compliance and monitoring.

For further information visit the Working with Children Check website.

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