Challenging Traditional Sport

Modifying and adapting sports can be a great way to engage more members into your club. By making them flexible, social and less competitive, clubs can engage a larger audience.

Here are just a few ways sporting clubs can modify their sports…

Bowling with Babies…

“Bowling with Babies is a fitness and social activity that you can enjoy with your little one. Bowling with Babies brings new and expecting parents together to enjoy a coffee, a chat and a social roll.”

Bowling with Babies is:

  • Child-friendly
  • Social
  • Inexpensive

You can find more information about Bowling with Babies here

Hits and Giggles

Hits and Giggles is an entry level program for women who are wanting to try squash or racquetball. It’s a great way to try a new sport in a social and judgement-free environment, and a way to meet like-minded women by being active.

Some benefits of Hits and Giggles are:

  • No commitment
  • Tailored for beginners
  • Only runs for 6 weeks

If you would like to read more information about Hits and Giggles, please click here

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