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Sports Medicine Australia

Injury Prevention – Why bother?

Written by Lynne Sheehan, Former Executive Officer at Sports Medicine Australia – Victorian Branch A radio segment with Jonathan Ridnell on ABC Central Victoria 91.1FM covered the importance of clubs putting a focus on injury prevention. One of the key points raised was that by preventing injuries, clubs are maximising both the participation and performance of […]

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Building Good Mental Health

Did you know 1 in 5 people will experience depression in their lifetime? If you were concerned about a member of your club, would you know what to do? Sporting clubs are at the heart of many local rural communities. They provide a place for people to come together, to socialise and to connect. Clubs can play a vital role in supporting good […]

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Swear the Oath to Stop the Violence

Violence against women is a big issue in Victoria. It is the leading cause of death, disability and illness for women aged 15-44 years. Each year, the number of women in Victoria who experience sexual assault would fill every seat in the MCG, with 20,000 occupying standing room (ABS 2006, VicHealth) Violence against women is […]

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Love the Game, Not the Odds

In recent years the relationship between gambling and sport has grown to become a concern for many communities and sporting clubs. The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has developed a new program to counter issues relating to gambling in sporting clubs by encouraging and supporting responsible and healthy club environments. This FREE program aims to: Help […]

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Sports Focus – Celebrating 30 Years

It was 1982, when the Minister for Youth Sport and Recreation, Brian Dixon, announced a White Paper titled New Directions in Sport in order to develop policies and programs that would reflect the needs of sporting groups and organisations in all parts of Victoria, particularly regional areas. The paper proposed that sports assemblies be established […]

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