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Celebrating the end of season… the right way

It is common for clubs to organise an end of season trip or ‘mad Monday’ type celebration.  What can often be over looked is that these celebrations can have a damaging effect on both the club and members, if they are not managed appropriately. The image and community perception of a sporting club is vital […]

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Recognising your volunteers

End of season presentation nights provide the perfect opportunity to recognise the achievements of club members throughout the season. While every club will recognise the outstanding on field achievements of its players, it is important to also acknowledge the enormous contributions of the volunteers that run your club. There are many ways in which you […]

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Welcoming More Members

We all know the feelings of being the new person at a sporting club. It’s daunting, nerve wrecking and uncomfortable. We’re not familiar with the environment and hardly know a person, if anyone. The decision to come back is determined by the club environment. Was it welcoming? Did I feel included? Through implementing a welcoming […]

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Child Safe Standards Workshops

The Victorian State Government has introduced compulsory minimum standards that apply to organisations that provide service for children to help protect children from all forms of abuse. The Victorian Child Safe Standards have been in effect for sporting organisations that operate and provide sporting services for children within Victoria since 1 January 2017. There are seven different requirements […]

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Sports Medicine Australia

Injury Prevention – Why bother?

Written by Lynne Sheehan, Former Executive Officer at Sports Medicine Australia – Victorian Branch A radio segment with Jonathan Ridnell on ABC Central Victoria 91.1FM covered the importance of clubs putting a focus on injury prevention. One of the key points raised was that by preventing injuries, clubs are maximising both the participation and performance of […]

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Building Good Mental Health

Did you know 1 in 5 people will experience depression in their lifetime? If you were concerned about a member of your club, would you know what to do? Sporting clubs are at the heart of many local rural communities. They provide a place for people to come together, to socialise and to connect. Clubs can play a vital role in supporting good […]

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