Season Ready – Ambulance – What to do in an emergency?

Consider the following scenario…someone requires urgent medical attention at your club, either on a game day, a training session or a club function.

  • What are you going to do?
  • Does that person have ambulance cover?
  • Do you have up to date medical information on all your members?
  • Is there a club policy on what action you need to take?

Sports Focus, after consultation with Ambulance Victoria, can provide the following important information:

  • The person who calls 000 will never be charged, as it is a ‘good Samaritan’ act.
  • If the injured person were to refuse treatment by a paramedic, no-one will be charged for the ambulance to travel to the location, regardless of the distance travelled.
  • Charges apply once treatment is administered, even if the patient refuses transportation by ambulance to hospital.
  • Paramedics will make the decision to transport a patient to hospital when they are either unconscious, or when they are ‘not sound of mind’ as a result of the effects of drugs, alcohol or mental illness.

So, what can your club do to ensure that you are prepared should an emergency situation arise?

  • Develop a policy regarding the calling of an ambulance in an emergency. We suggest that an ambulance be called in all emergency situations.
  • Include a tick box question on your membership form which asks if members have ambulance cover. Furthermore, we suggest club’s include a sentence on their membership form that states, ‘An ambulance will be called in the event of an emergency and that any costs will be borne by the individual’.
  • Develop a Medical Emergency Plan and distribute this to your members via your usual communication channels and display it in prominent positions around your facility.
  • Request personal medical information from your members and store it in a location that is easily accessible to medical personnel in the event of an emergency. Use your membership form to inform members on who will have access to their medical information.